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How to Play Alpha Box?

Kids discover and learn the extraordinary worldof the alphabet.

Select one of the games from the Main Menu:


Point your device to any of the boxes marked with letters.

Enjoy the Augmented Reality animations.

Alpha Rain

Letters will appear in the top of the screen, you have to point with your device to the box marked with the same letter as the one that is falling down.

  • If you do it right you will earn apples.
  • If the letter reaches the bottom of the screen you will lose a heart.
  • The game ends if you run out of hearts or if the timer reaches zero.

Fill in the Blanks

Point your device to any of the boxes or cards.

Press the sound button tohear the name of the image.

Complete the word bydraggingthe right letter intothe blank space.

The game ends when you complete the word.

Learn the Alphabet

Look for the box with the school imageand point your device to it.
Listen to the hint.
Look for the right box or card, an Augmented Reality object will appear in your screen.

Drag it to the first box.
Enojoy the Augmented Reality animations.

This application requires Android 4.4 or higher or IOS 9 or higher.

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