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Getting Started with BOX ART

We live in an era where technology surrounds our children. As parents, our main concern is that this may limit and affect their physical abilities. Thanks to BoxArt, the digital world is once again an incredible space to create fantastic universes for our little ones, with a perfect balance between technology and the physical world.

This innovative toy offers multiple games and teaches various strategies designed to benefit each child at their appropriate stage of development. BoxArt applications work in interaction with the physical object, so children can enjoy both the physical and visual sensation of the toy, as well as the electronic component on their home device.

For children at the earliest stages of development, BoxArt not only addresses their physical abilities such as dexterity and motor skills, but provides sensory and visual stimulation as well. Once capable of interacting with technology, BoxArt offers incredible games and puzzles, encouraging hand-eye coordination, problem solving, fine-motor development and self-esteem.

As the child continues to grow they are introduced to a new friend; Ale, the colorful alebrije who guides them through BoxArts magical world of augmented reality. Ale accompanies children through day-to-day tasks, encouraging them to communicate their feelings as well as reach out and overcome new challenges.

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